How I Embraced My Solitude

There is a stigma around solitude, people myself included equates solitude with loneliness. However, you can be surrounded by people all the time and still feel lonely and be alone without feeling lonely. As a person who enjoys spending a lot of time alone, during this pandemic I have discovered so much about myself that I wouldn't have otherwise. I think a lot of people have come to that same exact realization. Some have embraced it while others have had just about enough. Of course I am not always alone, I do share custody of my twins with my ex-husband but on the weeks that I am not with them, for the most part I have been spending a good amount of time in solitude.

Before the pandemic alone time had been a choice that I took for granted and looked forward to. I thoroughly enjoyed breaking away from people and just being able to recharge my batteries doing whatever helped me to relax and reenergize. That could be catching a good movie, catching up on some of my favorite pre-recorded reality TV series, ordering takeout, binge-watching a show, trying a new recipe etc. Whatever my heart desired, I did it and I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom. However, being forced to be in solitude because of the pandemic was a totally different experience. There's but so much rest and relaxation that you can do before even that becomes a bore. I soon found myself exhausted by the end of the day. Yes, I was tired because now I had to homeschool two seven year olds when they were with me but this was a different kind of exhaustion one that I had even when the kids weren't with me, this was something unfamiliar. I was able to pinpoint what the problem was; I got energy from interactions, people were my fuel. I drew energy from people, being able to talk to people face to face. Having that human to human bond gave me energy that I thrived off of, it gave me creative energy to come up with new ideas to work my job and to also run my business from day to day, but more importantly interacting with people gave me the energy to get through the day on a personal level.