My Triumphs over Triggers - Part One

This is part one of a series of blogs where I will share my experiences with emotional triggers. Emotional triggers could be anything including memories, experiences, or events that spark an intense emotional reaction regardless of your current mood. My emotional triggers all started from childhood experiences and followed me into adulthood. I was not aware of how my triggers were effecting my relationships with people including my marriage until I made a very intentional decision to seek help for a life changing decision which ultimately turned into healing my childhood traumas.

As I have probably mentioned in a previous post, I am the youngest of four girls and I grew up in DC in a household where both of my parents worked full time so after school and during the summer we were pretty much left on our own, but it was a fairly safe neighborhood where neighbors looked out for each others children so you had better not be doing anything wrong or you were in big trouble when your parents got home because someone would surely call them at work to let them know what was happening. My older siblings sometimes had the responsibility of taking care of me which probably wasn't the best idea now that I look back on things, but as I always say, my parents did the best that they could with what they had. They thought at the time that this was the best, most economical decision so that's what they did.

At a really young age, I realized that being the youngest in the family had changed the dynamics and the attention had shifted because the sibling before me had been the "baby" for nine years until I came along. This dynamic had created a rivalry that followed us into adulthood. As a child I felt I was mistreated, antagonized and lied on very often and when I tried to get help from my mother I was never believed, so I felt unloved and alone in my efforts to seek justice for my mistreatment. I now know that it had absolutely nothing to do with me but everything to do with the limitations of the situation and their own emotional "stuff". As I grew up I never realized how this would effect my relationships and the importance of being heard and acknowledged as a child. Not only that, but how some of the things that we are told and experience as children by people who are close to us can have a lasting effect and sometimes even a lifelong effect on our lives and the way we show up in different situations.

The definition of childhood trauma is when a child experiences or witnesses overwhelming negative experiences which may include sexual, physical or emotional abuse at home or elsewhere and/or witnesses or experiences violence in the family or home. If untreated these experiences can turn into adult triggers and can block you from experiencing the life you deserve and desire.

In the next few days, I will show you how my childhood trauma became emotional triggers as an adult, how I became aware of my triggers and how I conquered emotional blocks due to triggers. What are your triggering experiences. Please comment if you can relate to this and I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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